David Burkes - Chartered Accountant

Our mission is to remain amongst the pre-eminent business valuation and forensic and investigative accounting firms in Canada. To achieve this goal, we are committed:

  • Maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, discretion, objectivity and ethical conduct,
  • Providing quality professional services at a competitive price,
  • Emphasizing excellence in service, and
  • Responding quickly and efficiently to the varied and often immediate requirements which our clients face.

Working closely with counsel, we employ our skills in financial analysis, economics, business valuation, auditing, actuarial science and taxation to identify and quantify the issues under consideration clearly and concisely. Our analysis, expert testimony and written reports bring experience, independence and objectivity - all of which enhance the quality and credibility of a client's case.

Our Forensic and Investigative Accounting Practice includes:

  • Damages quantification
  • Analysis of financial records and events to ascertain "the true story behind the numbers"
  • Acting as expert witness and/or critiquing the reports of other experts, and
  • The presentation of complicated business information, possibly before a court of law or administrative tribunal, in a clear and convincing fashion.


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